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Hey Everyone!

Hope you're all doing well and I just wanted to let you all know that I'm open for commissions and aiming to have them done for the month of March right now!

I'll be open for quite some time so if you're interested in getting something from me,feel free to read the rest of this journal for details and send me a note!

1. htfdfire911
2. MacklinWrites

And I'll be doing another special discount as well!

I'm going to be dealing at Furnal Equinox (FE) again which is a furry convention in Toronto and this year's theme is "Living Large"! And any badges that suit the cons theme (Characters with fancy attire, taking part in rich lifestyles and bling ) would be done at a discount with $50 USD for Half body badges and $65 USD for Full Body badges.

So if you feel like getting something from me, here is my price sheet/samples of what I can do:
Badge Commissions by TheLivingShadow Fluke - Badge Commission by TheLivingShadow

And my regular commission info here:
[ Commission Prices ] (ALL Prices are in USD)

Full commissions include preliminary sketch and ink previews, and allows for any necessary alterations to be made mid-way. Sketches and sketchy style commissions do not get previews, but fixes are always available! Specifications can be tailored to the commissioner's needs, or creative control relinquished to the artist to go wild.

Half Body/Waist/Portrait, per character
Versatile commission that depicts your character(s) from about the hips and up. Simple backgrounds included by default or left white, specific background can be added from an additional fee.
  • Sketch - $15
  • Inks - $25
  • Flat Coloured - $30
  • Full Colour - $40
Nicole and Foxjump - BATTLEFIELD 1 by TheLivingShadow Commission - Sanjha Kitani by TheLivingShadow Finnceline - The Force Awakens by TheLivingShadow NaruSaku - Zootopia by TheLivingShadow
I am Groot by TheLivingShadow Rey Skywalker 02 by TheLivingShadow Kylo Ren 02 by TheLivingShadow Princess Leia by TheLivingShadow Archellion by TheLivingShadow SonicFox5000 - Commission by TheLivingShadow

Full Body, per character
Most, if not all, of your character(s) will be present.
Simple backgrounds included by default or left white, specific background can be added from an additional fee.
  • Sketch - $30
  • Inks - $40
  • Flat Coloured - $60
  • Full Colour - $80

Raven - 02 by TheLivingShadow Harley Quinn by TheLivingShadow Daenerys Targaryen by TheLivingShadow Jon Snow by TheLivingShadow Stevonnie by TheLivingShadow Mayflower - Desert Knight by TheLivingShadow Jon Snow - Battle of The Bastards by TheLivingShadow

Eliza Mousekewitz  - Sketch 61 by TheLivingShadow Nick and Judy 03 by TheLivingShadow Mikasa by TheLivingShadow Marceline Rocks by TheLivingShadow Lynx Viking by TheLivingShadow Tiger Samurai - Hiroshi Saito by TheLivingShadow Wolf Viking Raider by TheLivingShadow Nora by TheLivingShadow Ryuko Matoi - 02 by TheLivingShadow Peridot - Warrior Gem by TheLivingShadow Izabella - Commission by TheLivingShadow Dashwood Fox - Battlefield 1 by TheLivingShadow Sahara - Commission by TheLivingShadow Aazim and Noomi - Rocking Out by TheLivingShadow

A reference sheet of your character, flat colored and complete with swatches.I like to make my reference sheets easy to pick and chose from. What if you don't need a back shot? No headshots? Etc. Or, want more. Look below for a list of prices. These are all base prices, so the price can go up or down depending on character complexity and clothing. 
5 sketched expressions,
  • 50$ per full body image
  • Copy Pasted Clothing - 5-10$ 
  • What is "Copy Pasted Clothing?". This is when I do a full body shot, then copy and paste it and add clothing you'd like on it. This makes it cheaper compared to getting two regular full body shots.
  • 10-20$ per headshot/head expressions
  • 5-10$ for accessories/clothing. 
  • Other. You can always ask for something not listed here and I can give you a quote on that.
Aazim - Ref Sheet by TheLivingShadow Noomi - Ref Sheet by TheLivingShadow Commission - Arthraax ref sheet by TheLivingShadow Ryan - Commission by TheLivingShadow Connor McTavish - Reference Sheet by TheLivingShadow Acheron - Reference Sheet by TheLivingShadow Commission - Haltiel by TheLivingShadow Commission - PHR by TheLivingShadow Commission - Rain REF SHEET by TheLivingShadow ShadowSkyhawk - Commission by TheLivingShadow

Payment Info:
I don't require payment upfront except on the sketch commission. On bigger commissions, I'd would like partial or full payment after I complete the sketch and it is approved. (I'm will to work with what you feel more comfortable with, if you'd rather split the payment half at the beginning and half after completion that is okay with me~!)
Payment options are:

PayPal. (Please pay the fees, or send it as friend/family to save on the fees.)
Cash/Check/Money order via Mail. (If your payment get's lost or stolen in the mail, that is not my responsibility, please be aware of this if you choose this option. Also for checks, they must clear before I will start the commission.)

I will give you the payment address needed with the quote.

If you have any questions, want a commission, or merely want to get a more accurate quote on how much your commission would cost feel free to contact me via E-mail at or Via Note here on DA.  My Paypal contact is the same as my regular e-mail:

Please include this information when asking for a commission:

Username/Contact Info:
Type of commission:
Character(s) reference + Description:
Background + Reference if needed:
Composition: (If you have a specific layout you want)
Payment Method: (PayPal, money order/check/cash through mail. **Please include PayPal address if you choose PayPal.)
Anything Else: (Like if you want a transparent .png of the character along with a copy with a background.)

Thanks for any interest and support!
  • Listening to: Retrowave
  • Reading: Art Books, History Books
  • Watching: Narcos, Homeland , PBS
  • Playing: Final Fantasy XV, Battlefield 1, Total war series
  • Eating: More healthier snacks
  • Drinking: Water and lots of it


Santhan Vutha
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: Classic/Modern Rock,Jazz and the occasional mindless pop song
Favourite style of art: Realism,Anime/Manga,Impressionsm
Favourite cartoon character: Homer Simpson, Scrooge McDuck,Sam & Max,
Personal Quote: It's better to burn out then to fade away.



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Hello! I've only just discovered your work, but i already looked at a lot of it and it leads me to believe that I have something could be of interest to you. And the more I look at your art, the more convinced I become that you'll like this.

What would you think of a ARPG set in a world that was dominated by an advanced civilization, called the Ecristans, until they were overthrown by a race of monstrous creatures called the Demortens three centuries ago, sending the survivors back to a medieval technical level?

Really though, it's still quite new, and I'm looking for people to populate this brand new world I made. Are you in?

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